6 crucial aspects of Social Media

Below I have identified 6 crucial aspects of Social Media and given a overview

as to how I can help as your Marketing Consultant

Social Strategy

Recognise your social media goals for the year

Are you looking to increase brand awareness?
Maybe you want to create a loyal fanbase?
Looking to drive your sales? 

Regardless of what your end goal is, a strategy is vital in order to succeed. Together we can sit down and recognise your company social goals for the year ahead, I can then either create, or help you create a Social Media Plan.
This can be reviewed every 6/8 weeks for optimum outcome. 

Social Media Audience

There may be hundreds of thousands of people are on social media - but who is your target audience?

Where is your target audience? 
I offer help recognising your audience and core demographics for the following leading platforms:
> Facebook

> Instagram

> Twitter

> LinkedIn

Brand Identity

Who are you? What's your ethos?

Social media can be the wind in your sails or the quicksand beneath your feet. 

Together we will identify who you are and what image you want to portray on your platforms - each platform has its own 'feel' it is important not to just duplicate your content like for like across all your social platforms. If twitter isn't who you are as a company for example, then maybe consider just using the platforms that allow you to communicate in a manner that reflects who you are. 


Your content is vital to your marketing strategy

Once you have identified who you are as a brand and recognised your goals and aims for the year ahead it is time to look at your content. After all people are following you for your content, so do not scrimp or rush here!
Content does not mean 'promote' equally it does not mean just sharing the latest gif.
Content, on instagram especially is a little window into your world, its your chance to show, in your way what you want your followers to see. 

Bad content will cause you to loose followers, it is key to your success on social media! 

I can either review the content you have,  offer suggestions and help you identify what content is suitable for what platform, or I can completely manage your content creation on a monthly contract and create both written, blog posts, still photography and video content. 


Social platforms are social networks - use them

The whole idea of social media is the creation of a 'space' that allows people to share content, offer/ask for advice and to discuss topics.

Think of social media as an extended global directory - you wouldn't dial a number and then refrain from talking, so engage. 

I can help you understand how to engage with your audience, how to responded to negative and positive comments and how to share beneficial consumer content to not only raise further awareness of your brand but to also show you're more than just a brand/company. Show that you care about your followers, that their support is vital to your success. 

I also identify when the best time is to engage with your audience, when the optimum posting time is and the time frames within you should be responding to engagement. 


Analyse now to further improve the future

Making sure you recognise what posts have had the most success is really important. What was the reason for their success, was it the time or day you posted or was it the hastags that were used or the fact you added a location? 

Understanding your result can save you valuable time and money in the future.

I can either analyse your currently social strategy and suggest areas of improvement or I can offer continued support and analytics for any plans we put in place.

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